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Welcome to the Beta!

  • Place and rotate photos and drawings on a gigantic, interactive collage surface -- your very own image galaxy!

  • Navigate in all directions through magnificent image and photo collections.

  • Upload, host and share your own image collages or design expansive scrapbooks -- a new way to share photos of friends or events!

  • Travel from image galaxy to galaxy, exploring a universe of images and photographs!

  • Share your images on Facebook, Myspace, Live Spaces, or on your favorite blog or forum.

  • Cooperatively edit your photo uploads in real-time with friends. - Interactive Photo Sharing is a new way to share photos online. It offers free image hosting through an interactive Silverlight applet, as well as through a single page devoted to each image, photo, drawing, or screenshot. Images can be easily positions, rotated, resized, and z-ordered. The user can share their image to Facebook, Myspace, Live Spaces. Photos can also be shared via copy-paste of urls, BBCode, and HTML code suitable for blogs or forum posts. is great for designing collages. See our sample, Colors of the Rainbow, for an example. Here, a series of photos and drawings are uploaded, and arranged by color to form a curve. Each curve has a single color, and composed of about a dozen photos or drawings of that color. Zoom out far enough, and the arrangement actually forms a rainbow. One final photo was uploaded and placed on the left, containing a cloud and heart.

Imaginalaxy also has a fun way of browsing photos. Through our "universe browser", you visually see search results on screen. Rotating thumbnails of each photo or image matching your search criteria show up on screen in an outer-space like orbit. Images uploaded by the same user rotate around in the same location. Hover over photos to see them in more detail, and click on them to travel to that user's "galaxy" to see that image, as well as all the other uploaded photos by that user.