The Team


Clifford Programmer and Project Manager
When not working, Clifford spends his time engaged in quests of thought and music. Prior to the launch of and, he worked as student of mathematics at UCLA and a dev-rel engineer at physics company Havok. Lately he enjoys TF2, WoW, and minesweeper.


Jonathan Programmer and Designer
Jonathan loves to ski, but can't tell if it's his desire for speed or fear of heights that drives him down the mountain. He received a BS in Computer Science from UCLA and previously worked as a dev-rel engineer at physics company Havok. He enjoys watching "save the world" movies and listening to classics like Jimi Hendrix. He also finds comfort in the occasional family size bag(s) of peanut M&Ms.


Becca Artist and Designer
She's a full-time nerd and proud of it. Becca enjoys both console and pc games -- World of Warcraft and Halo 3 being a couple of her current obsessions. Aside from these indoor activities she also enjoys hiking, swimming and rock climbing... that is, when she's not completely consumed with Art Center homework.

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Other Credits

Duck Pond, Inc. is owned and jointly produced by Duck Pond, Inc. (DPI) and leverages numerous libraries from DPI's other project Thanks Duck Pond!

FamFamFam Icons

We currently use one or more icons from FamFamFam's Silk Icons. Thanks FamFamFam!

Affirma Consulting

Affirma Consulting's Amazon S3 Library powers portions of our data storage layer. Thanks Affirma!